Gigantic Shock Coming This Afternoon?

Ohio St. completely bumps Notre Dame out of the final four?

Maybe. They have the 13th data point.

Dream on !

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playoff system is so screwed up

i hope Georgia gets in just to piss everyone off


If D’Eriq King was out of eligibility, Jalen Hurts would do some serious damage under Baby Briles as a graduate transfer next season.

Hurts is not coming to Houston lol

Either he declares or he joins a top P5

Don’t know, Kyle Allen was very touted and is from Houston. But Herman was in the helm. Btw, what I’m i doing in the football :football: forum. Back to basketball.

Hurts isn’t a perfect fit for Briles system, but he’s from Houston so it’s plausible he would consider coming home.

Allen is from Arizona not Houston

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Allen is from AZ

Hurts is not a good passer at all he said nicely.

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