Girls of uconn


Probably as good as it gets at UConn.

Don’t kid yourself, there’s lots of pretty girls at all colleges that are coed or girls only.

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Looks like UConn has hotties

I’ll take the cutie on the left, you take the dog on the right

I like huskies but these are a bunch of … wolfers/cowyodees … and the full moon isn’t even out

After moving to the Big12 … HOPEFULLY … we will never have to play these chumpy schools again …

U(have been)CONN(ed) … Rice hootie burds … Tulsa blow hards … SamHoustonSt … TooLame … the pirates were okay … but I won’t miss the Purinas thankyavarymach Elvises and Tampa bull paddies …

We must be “movin’ on up, to the East side” . . . . .

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