Giving away some UH athletic gear

Well, I’m not literally giving it away, unless nobody on the site wants them.

A friend of mine inherited some UH gear from a UH coach who passed away. First thing up is a 62"x35" UH flag:

Bare in mind this is the one item I may actually keep but I’ll give it up if someone offers me something worthwhile. PM with an offer if interested. Keep in mind you will pay the shipping costs.

The three items I won’t keep, because they don’t fit me, are track and field tops:

The one on bottom is a polo while the other two are track jerseys. More photos:

The one on the left appears to be a small while the one in the middle is a large. PM me an offer, I’m not asking for anything more than $10 for each but can negotiate. Again, I’m trying to get rid of them and have no issue taking them to Goodwill.

Last photo, of the polo up close:

Just like the others, no more than $10 plus S/H. If I get no offers, it goes to Goodwill.

Thanks Coogs, PM me with an offer if interested.

Last call, I’m about to take this stuff to Goodwill (Except the flag, which I’ll keep unless you want it for a decent price).



LOL, okay. Just thought a Coog may have wanted this stuff that fell into my lap.