Glad I did not think of it earlier . . . .

Plans are to do a repeat of out trip 2 years ago to visit DC and see the Navy game. We spend more than a week in the area, taking in some of the sights. For some reason, and after looking at the teams schedule and the location of ECU, my mind drifted to the thought that we should have planned to attend the ECU game, then traveled onto DC and then Annapolis for the game. Glad, now, that I did not schedule flights and get game tickets for ECU, with the storm headed that way.

Look forward to seeing a Coog or two around DC and the Naval Academy. . . . . .

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I’ll be the one in the Ya Woo Coogs shirt.


We loved our week in DC/ Annapolis as well. We probably passed each other over the week. I had the same thought, ECU and then Navy again as I looked at our trip schedule but semester obligations to some of my students limited us to a week of fall colors then ECU. Then we had to cancel the trip for family obligations. Glad we did now, Navy’s monsoon was enough. Temple last year was great. Look forward to ECU in two more.

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Headed up on the 17th and going on to NYC the morning after the game for a few days.

Visited with a young lady while waiting in line to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. She was wearing a “Coog” hat and so was I, so we connected for a few minutes. Other notable was on the Navy campus. Visited with a fellow wearing an old style Coog had in white with red UH on front. He told me a relative of his was second string DB behind Gerald Cook many, many years ago. Those were the two notable Coogs I visited with while in DC. Look forward to meeting more this trip.
We’ll be looking into the big Air and Space Museum again, Marine Corp Museum in Quantico, maybe Monticello, Viet Nam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial (we were rushed past them last time), National Zoo, SCOTUS, spend more time touring the train station, Gaylord Hotel & MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in National Harbour, Trump Hotel in DC, China Town, Wax Museum, Ford Theatre, International Spy museum and other of the sights I’m not remembering right now. Hope to see some smiling Coogs following our victory over Navy . . . . .

We greatly enjoyed our Navy trip except the monsoon and the score. We opted to stay in Lanham on Hwy 50 halfway between DC and Annapolis which made for easy trips. We drove to New Carrollton a few minutes away each day to grab the “DC Metro Orange line into DC.
We met lots of Coogs in DC and on the Annapolis tour. Most interesting was meeting Colin Wilder’s parents/family. We talked extensively about the CTH rumor. Colin’s parents shared that Herman had personally told them he wasn’t leaving and they were so excited.
BTW if you check out the nearby Texas Roadhouse in Bowie you can checkout the Texas flag signed by the Baytown Tx Roadhouse crew and presented to the Bowie managers.

Ride the DC metro screaming “YA WOO!” until you get to Takoma Park. You’ll fit right in.


Make the USMC Museum a “must” - you won’t regret it.

Did not even know there was a Marine Corp Museum until one of my long time students (a retired Marine) told me about it. He has not been yet, but he is also looking forward to a tour. We’ll rent a car and drive, since going by rail looks to be a pain in the . . . . .

Traffic and parking in DC is horrible I wouldn’t recommend driving, Uber or use other means of transportation

We stay South of Arlington in Alexandria, just inside the beltway, across the river from National Harbor. We ride the rail into DC most days, but in order to get to Dulles, National Harbor, Quantico and Annapolis, we rent a car. Usually 2 or 3 days, but days we do not spend in downtown DC. We ride Old Town Trolley or walk once we get downtown . . . . .