Glad I Found the Site

I wasnt even aware that COOGFANS still existed, and I suspect that there are a ton of people on the old site who are under the same impression. Google still ranks the old scout site higher so when “COOGFANS” is typed in the search engine the scout site comes up. I hope we get a lot of migration this way. I prefer this site format and the owners.


Glad you are here. We have a long tradition and we intend to keep it up.

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Im sure its going to grow, and I wish you guys lots of success with it!

Count me as one of those that thought Cougar Digest = Coogfans. As an early convert, I got my preferred user name rather than having to settle for CoogDave on the old site.

I usually don’t type www. But I had to get here. Might need to alter DNS records to work for just anyone else notice similar?

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So very thankful for this site
Rob Sellers is not to be trusted on that board and is not a UH Loyalist like so many of us
Thanks ITCoog!


yes, i told them about it earlier this AM, they haven’t changed it yet. It’s a simple setting on their hosting panel. Looks like folks on the site are chattering about not getting access to this site… we may need to correct that sooner rather than later.

Thanks Ray for putting this up.

Just joined with my long awaited new user name. But I lose my post count. Sigh

I’m so very glad (too) to see that you guys are still around! Thanks, especially, to those posted this information on the other site!

Just joined up. The site looks good. I think not being tied to Scout will be a good thing since the admins will have more flexibility.

Looks like a mass exodus has started occuring in the last hour or so over to this side of the fence…

Just joined from SLC…site looks great!

Happy Valley, Oregon is in!

If JohnnyCougar is in, I’m in as well. :grin:

All we need now is the Coog-centric emoticons!

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Where are the stars?? joking aside it looks great and I am glad that Coogfans lives.


I used to be a subscriber on Sellers’ TOS…I don’t hold a grudge against him personally, but I felt his content really went downhill after he started working on AggieYell. It wasn’t worth paying for anymore. Besides, recruiting info is widely available in real time on twitter nowadays. And his posts on happenings within the admin or the AD were always after the news broke, and always along the lines of “I’ve known about this info for a while now, but I couldn’t tell you until now”. What’s the point?

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Hey Drew:

The glitch is with our host, not our registrar. We are working on it :slight_smile:

I felt the exact same way about sellers. The last straw was when he went on a national radio show during our run last year and basically gave the same negative recruiting schpiel that all of our competitors give. He stated that he saw CTH leaving UH after one season, and neglected to even announce the interview on his site(for obvious reasons). A poster heard it and then called him out on it. I’m just not willing to give money to someone who takes opposing and potentially damaging actions toward the University.


I don’t know anything about Sellers, but I liked the way CoogFans was administrated, and I am loyal to people not entities.

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