Glad to be Back

Hello fellow Coogs.
Really happy to see the OLD COOGFANS site up and running.
I have really missed the conversations and debates about all things Coogs…

Thank You to those of you responsible for bringing it back to life.



Glad to have ya back…but we’ve been here going on two years now. :joy:


Where ya been?

What year did the original board start?

Flashnet rules!!!

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It took me a year to finally make it over

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Well I know in 95 is when I learned about The Cougars Den. Then soon after Coogfans came along. Not sure exactly the date CoogFans came alive.


Party like it’s 1999 (April)


Pollardvision??! Welcome back!

Ha, Posted before I saw it on your nameplate…again welcome back. Whatever happened to that old site at Scout?

I just found out Coogfans was back today too! GO COOGFANS! I do not enjoy the 24/7 board at all. This makes my Coog heart happy.


Glad some of the more seasoned folks have joined. Welcome back.


:eyes: welcome back Pollard. I remember you from the old site.

Feb 2001 is when I joined the old Coogfans

A time warp. Joining just in time for FOOTBALL!!!

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Mid to late 90’s I think. Just remember my SeeingRed nick was a double meaning for loving UH sports but not Kim Helton’s coaching.

Tristatecoog should know - he’s the father!

There were some like Think Cotton and Cougar Red that were big posters on the first board that you never see anymore.

Anyone remember DCraig the crazy longhorn fan?

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I remember getting hate emails from him…


Yep, he was seriously crazy.

There were some caustic individuals on that board at the end. If I am not mistaken, I was one of the first members (non-adminstrator) on this new one. I am not Nostradamus, but I saw very quickly the writing was on the wall.

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