Glad we are not seeing this anymore - Concussions

I know many could care less about Herman, but there is obviously a pattern and I am glad that we are not seeing this here anymore.

AUSTIN – Texas’ running backs have a troubling knack for showing up on the injury report. That looms as a serious issue with the season opener against Maryland two weeks away.

Chris Warren returned from a concussion this week, and has looked “really good,” according to coach Tom Herman. Still, the bulldozing junior can’t be considered a stable option given his checkered injury history, despite how good he has looked when healthy.

“The thing he’s doing the best right now is he’s respecting the game,” running backs coach Stan Drayton last week. “He’s been a little bit of a lethargic football player in the past in regards to practice. I think he’s becoming a better practice player, and I think he needs to continue to do that for the rest of his career – play the game on the practice field.”

Not giving them a click on a story about cow college, so thanks for giving us a snippet.

If he has got them “toughening up” as he did here don’t be surprised if they do well for first half of the season before having injuries take their toll. The high number of injuries seem to be following him.


No problem, I don’t care to give them a click either but unfortunately had to in order to get the snippet.

Totally agree. I am hoping that there are no “freak” injuries and that the “fatigue” injuries from “toughening up” disappear this year.

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Thanks for reading about the Horns and Coach Concussion so we don’t have to. Anybody know if he is still crowing about “The Toughest Camp in College Football”?

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Yep, put out a graphic the other day with the exact same slogan from last year when he was here (something about nobody knows what they’ve been through).

Proof that he’s a liar. Can’t have it same way at both schools. If he did it here, then our guys know how tough it is and if he didn’t then he lied while he was here. He’s so full of it.


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For one, your logic is a little short. He could have had the toughest practices at UH and still have the toughest practices at UT now since we aren’t doing the same exact stuff we did a year ago. For another, you didn’t actually believe him when he said we had the toughest workouts anyway did you? That was part of his circus act. There was no one going from workout to workout and rating there toughness around the country.


WOW. If theres something i admire Applewhite on is keeping the guys safe.

Are we really supposed to think Aggies give a crap about the health of a UT player? They’ll do anything to try and forget their garbage team.