Go Memphis and Tulane

If Memphis beats smu, all we have to do is win tomorrow and we have an auto bid to the conference championship over smu. For UCF we just have to beat USF and temple and we have a bid over them.


What if Memphis beats smoo and we lose to Memphis?:thinking:

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Shhhhhh! :shushing_face:


Man, I did not think the conference championship game was likely at the beginning of the season…let’s go 13-1!!! We can start going 15-0 once we start B12 play!!!

Edit: all aboard the Polly train!!!


Is this Pearland posting under an alias?? :sunglasses:

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Ponies need to whoop Memphis. If Memphis wins, our beating Smoo loses most of its shine.


Where do you get this? What about UCF? We don’t have a tie breaker over them.

Anybody that loses to Memphis shouldnt be in the top 25 :wink:


What if?
This deserves its own thread. Isn’t the question that is inside all of us.
What if mcd’s French fries were not so good?
I see no limits with this. What if Coogfans had a “What if thread?”


SMU should be ticked-off after last week and Memphis had an off week, gonna be interesting.

We are still in, Memphis has 3 conference losses lol

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For UCF we just have to beat USF and temple, and that’s if UCF wins out. If UCF losses another game, we just have to win 1 of the next 3

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For us to not be in the CCG we would have to lose two out of our last three (USF, Temple, Memphis). I don’t see that but as a lifelong Coog, I have to acknowledge the chance because you never know.

SMU with one loss would have to run the table against Memphis, UCF, Cincinnati, and Tulsa. That will be tough.

UCF with two losses would have to run the table against Tulane, SMU and USF. Very possible.

Lets just win our next two games and then it is over. I don’t want it to come down to Memphis.


What’s with this talk. We want SMU to wack Memphis and then lose a close one to Cincy while we stomp the remaining teams on our schedule. This sets the CCG to looking good between two future Big-12 members. If Cincy wins a close one, we can hope they make the final 4 and we wind up NY6. Best of all scenarios shot of us winning them all and still getting NY6.

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UCF has 2 AAC losses.

We’re looking at you, Mississippi State!


Screw SMU hope they look bad and fall apart

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It is best for UH if SMU goes 10-2. Loses to Cincy.

Gives us better strength of schedule and makes The AAC Title Game 12-0 vs 11-1. Cincy vs UH.

Great game that should draw lots of TV viewers.


We beat USF and Temple on the road next 2 weeks we’re in. We don’t do that we don’t deserve to be in the conference championship game.

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