GO Memphis..@Navy

Just to start it off, I know y’all were thinking it.

Not looking good for Memphis, so far. 21-14 at halftime. It is a very windy day there, which works right into Navy’s running attack.

35-21 now. Not good.

Going to need USF to win next week.

Memphis coach opts to stop the clock with time running out in the third quarter to force Navy to attempt a field goal into the wind. Navy goes for it and scores at touchdown. Navy up 35-21 early in the fourth quarter.

TD Memphis. Still 10 min to go.

Uh oh. Missed Navy field goal. Memphis down by seven with five to go. Gonna get interesting.

Memphis fumbles.

Navy TD to go up 2 scores with 2 minutes to go.

Welp… this one is over. ugh.