Go watch this now!

The ladies are playing at UCF right now for the volleyball conference title and are up 1-0. Watch them on ESPN+ if you’ve got it.
We can delete or move this post in 30 minutes or so, but they’ve been playing awesome this season and need a shoutout!


Very good match. 11-11 second set. Great crowd for UCF

They claimed a share of the title a few days ago, but this game is for the whole thing!

And an auto-bid to the tourney.

Currently tied up, 1-1

Houston struggling…

Think I jinxed them when I turned it on.

Wrong forum.

I put it here while the game is in progress since people rarely check the lady Cougar section. I’ll move it there once the match is over.

They’re up in the 4th set! Go Coogs!

All even at 2 a piece.

So what. It’s a huge Coog accomplishment and should be acknowledged on a more visited forum. Don’t click if it offends you.

Mentioned in another thread, but ladies clinched their spot in the tourney tonight! Go Coogs!