GoFundMe to repair the Blaze for the Frontiersmen



I was wondering what had happened to that thing. Great place to gain awareness.

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My gf asked me last night I said maybe its broke. I was right for once.

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I gave, I knew David and this is part of our traditions. Please help.

$3,500+ in 13-hours. Thanks to Pray10 for posting to CoogFans.



We try and support our Coogs

I am glad we raised money. However, it has been patworked fixed time and time again. How much to replace it? Does it have to be a piece of oil field equipment? Maybe it’s too simplistic but couldn’t you put some amps and speakers in the case of it and play a recording? It achieves the same effect and it is likely a lot less costly long term and maybe even easier to breakdown, transport and store. Just askin.

That was the idea behind raising the money; that way they could replace the board with current tech instead of constantly trying to patch it

I had season tickets pre-Blaze and then started our season tickets again in 2003 and the Blaze was in The Rob. Correct me if I am wrong but was the Blaze thought up to be part of the “run and shoot” air-it-out" passing game? So my question is the Blaze still relevant to our football team? But if the Fontiersmen want to continue with the Blaze Okay!

Love the Blaze, glad they raised the money as quick as they did and having a permanent storage location closer to campus will be big.

Thanks for posting. I gave to the cause. I just hope it is a long term solution. Puzzled why UH can’t find a way to store it on campus.

Gotta be a little room in that new practice facility. Go Coogs!

It started with the Run in Shoot Jenkins era, I believe. However, it has become more than that and is part of the traditions now.

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Side note, I wish I had a recording of the siren to play when something good happens like I finish a project under budget or something.


I think it’s annoyingly loud and a weak attempt to create “crowd noise”.

I also think the “whose house” chant is bush league when used out of town.

Also calling yourselves “MFers” is insane.

Those are my stories and I’m sticking to them.

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They could store it in the Sigma Chi house…Oh wait.

I totally agree with Johnny Cougar and I have not missed the Blaze this year.

By the funds raised I’d say most disagree with you. I also love the whomp whomp chant as it’s unique to us. NOBODY else does it. Better than mimicking an alligator’s mouth. Go Coogs!


I will say this, I never liked the Frontiersman outfit. Too UT or A&M for me.

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