Going 1st in OT is dumb

that’s the post


looking unprepared for 5 straight games and losing to toolame with their 3rd string qb at home is dumb. Who is coaching UH football next season?


Agreed. You always want to know what you need to do on offense. Go second.

If you are going to OT with Toolame and their 3rd string QB at home you have larger problems


We are ruining the book for other teams deciding whether or not to take the ball first. The average must be below 50 percent now. No wait… I have not seen another coach make that decision

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Its okay the odds say going first wins over half the time, so gotta keep going that way, eventually the odds will go back… or something.

1-2 in overtime after taking the ball first.

Of course, would also help if our defense could make a stop.

And the 1 win was in the 3rd OT when it doesn’t matter who goes 1st because its all 2 point conversions

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We shouldn’t be having to have a discussion about OT every week.

OT should be a unicorn.

If you’re good enough and have a Sh#t ton of momentum, then sure. Go first. But tonight, no


I have sone analytics for Holgi: he’s lost 66% of OT games that he arrogantly took the ball first.


Tune needs to get his eyesight checked out…he had a RB wide open for a first down … Smh


I remember when losing in The Cage was unheard of.


I don’t understand why we don’t pick the side of the field. We would still get the ball first and be on the side which is better for noise.


I remember when you would fight tooth and nail for Dana lol.

I do too. I forgot it after tonight though. lol


It’s strange that since me hade the claim about analytics that nobody has dove it to confirm it or show it wrong. Since it’s decided by coin clips and alternated, it should be relatively easy to find out whether the team that goes first is more or less likely to win. It’s seriously rare to have a comparison where the confounding variables are basically accounted for.

So it sounds like a coin toss basically. (genuinely no pun intended there)

I’m coming around to “It depends”… when he first did this (before we found out why) I thought it had to do with resting the defense and that made some sense to me. Here I think giving the offense a chance to regroup by letting the defense go first makes some intuitive sense.

If you want the ball, just pick the side of the field that gives an advantage to our guys… Make the play by our student section, they are good ng to pick defense anyway, so we could get ball (which I don’t agree with personally, but if you wanted it then you get it) and get the side of the field we want.


If you win you get to pick offense/defense or side of the field, loser gets to pick what the winner didn’t pick