Going For It on 4th Down



UH’s chart history is pretty interesting considering the coaching changes since 2009. Also of note is Baylor over the past few years when KB was there. 1st in 2015.

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So Major was much more conservative last year than everyone except Levine in 2013. Not really too surprising given that he was a first year coach. He also had less success going for it than any other coach except Levine in his first two years.

Lot of that could just be the offense.

I think it’s a little of both. I know Major has the imagination to draft up and execute a great conversion play (remember Dane Roy’s great one at the Louisville game). Last year I remember several 4&1’s getting stuffed because of the awful O-line play. Probably boils down to: bad offense + bad OC = conservative play calling. I hope to see more exciting play this year!

Applewhite was conservative as our OC as well. I remember scratching my head at the conservative plays he called when we beat OU. Not surprising

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When Holgorson was here as OC, going for it 9n 4th down was part if the system. Don’t blink an eye, just be prepared and continue on the flow of the offense in a hurried but not too hurried fashion with a plan in mind (not the ever popular but frequent disaster of running up the middle on 4th and short), and guess what it worked more than often enough. I’d like to see more of it when the game is early and still undecided, especially in the 40-20 yard line territory.


Running up the middle on 1st 2nd and 3rd down were usually not productive either so not surprising to see our success rate on 4th downs, or our reluctance to attempt a 4th down conversion.

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