"Going to a gunfight with a spork"

McMurphy and Mark May on our chances to keep Herman if Texas offers.

So sick of this.

Fortunately, we will know early in Fridays game if hes staying or going.

May’s a clown and McMurphy’s been headed that way.

What do you mean?

I think the effort of the team will be in direct correlation to Herman’s status.

If he has communicated with the team that he is staying, we’ll get the Louiville effort.

If not, maybe the SMU effort.

I seriously doubt that Herman will communicate anything to the UH FB team regarding his future at UH.

After the game, now that could be a different story.

He may not say so in so many words but if Herman’s negotiating with UT his head will be in Austin and all the nice things he has said about UH and this city will be in the toilet. At least it won’t sneak up on us like it did with Sumlin. Here’s hoping his future is in Houston. But we’ve been here before.

Don’t under estimate the power of a spork!

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It’s the most versatile tool on the planet?

I would take the spork if General Mattis is holding it. Did you know that he once killed 14 terrorists with a grenade, and then pulled the pin?


No…Todd Graham is the most versatile tool on the planet.

LOL! I stand corrected.