Gonna be a Long Year

I usually try to be very excited and optimistic about a new football season.
That will not wash today. We are being manhandled by Rice. Pathetic effort, pathetic team. Cougars, it will be a long, ugly season.


Patience Grasshopper,
First game versus Rice 2nd, new offense, poor DC coordination, over confidence, allowing Rice to control the game, looking ahead to Arizona. Let see how we respond and Rice responds.


Awful defense of coordinator… He needs to go. He’s the main problem. I hate coordinators who play way off the receivers.

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Me too.

Did you watch the game? Played press the whole game…smh

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2 miss fgs and 1 extra point
Still win in the road by 18. I take it

It’s a win! I’ll take it!


Offense scores 42
Defense gives up 17
Special teams gives up 11, makes 3.

Its our first game with a new offense… Rice also had a game under their belt.

Rice was ready for this game. We weren’t. Ed Oliver was already talking about Arizona before the season started.

Let’s not be pessimistic after one game.


I’m a little concerned that UH’s offensive line never really got a good push and established the run game. It’ll be interesting to see how they matchup against Arizona physically.

The defensive backs still can’t find the ball in the air.


It will be a long season when people post in the heat of the moment.


Yep, longhorns lose to Maryland again.


I agree 100%. 2 main issues…OL run blocking and CBs. They can’t find ball. Slow to turn head


Is this your first day on the internet?

Yeah, prime example vs Louisville a few yrs ago.

Lighten up dude.

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Lets enjoy and celebrate this as the most beautiful win it is. For three quarters there Rice gave us an alternate look to what our season could have been and it was sickening

Each to his own man. Have a good weekend.

It is going to be a long and memorable year with this awesome quick strike offense. That second half was so much fun to watch. So much better than last year. Remember Tulane and Tulsa?

I have a feeling this is going to be a special year. Enjoy!


That Rice team is well coached. It will be a long year if special teams and play action pass coverage doesn’t get their (poop) together, though.