Is on a league of their own. Timme makes them hard to beat.

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I don’t see it. Chreighton isn’t playing any defense at all. Gonzaga doesn’t seem that quick. Gonzaga appears to have holes in their defense

So far the only team I am worried about is Baylor.


Hmmm… But Baylor doesn’t have no inside scoring. They do it by put backs and hustle from Vital. Their guards are insane! Villanova is well coach and came to play yesterday but still lost; albeit Villanova had a major injured player.

Gonzaga does look very good.


I do agree that Creighton gets sloppy. Rebounding is pretty weak in their part.

BU doesn’t have to worry about Gonzaga, they will be back home in time to watch us play the Zags.


Gonzaga is fundamentally sound, passes well and has a man in the post who is patient with great foot work.

They are not:

  1. Athletic- they are consistently beat to loose balls and blown by on dribble drives even by slower guards than we have seen on our schedule. They appear very slow footed to me

2 Tough defensively - reference above but they have also given a ton of open looks to Creighton, and did to BYU in WCC champ game as well

They hit the open shot really well. But my question is what happens when they play a team with the athletes and intensity to not give that many open shots.

We will find out next round as both USC and Ore present monster challenges athletically.

They are a really good team without question, but they got a lot of credit for beating Iowa, Kansas, UVA and WV in the non conf. Of those teams WV played them the closest (five point win by Zags). As we have seen in tourney, those teams (except WV) weren’t the most athletic squads around.

And WV defense is not the typical D from a Huggs team.

I am impressed but see lots of questions that will get answers soon.


I really like Mark Few. If we somehow lose in this tourney, there’s not a guy I would root for more.


I was just comparing them as teams as we may play both of them. Whatcha talkiǹ bout Willis…? :joy::gun:

Oregon is my dark horse vs them if they can beat USC. Duarte is good.

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Will there be a NC State is the question. Gonzaga is as dominant as the team that lost to ncstate many decades ago.

Gonzaga is loaded with NBA talent. They are in a league of their own. Doesn’t mean they will win it all though.

Gonzaga looks like the greatest YMCA dad team ever thrown together.


Sasser, Grimes & Mark would need to be lights out from 3 to win.

Timme has no defense but man can score!

They can absolutely be beat. I respect they are good but they have not played a great defense. Creighton couldn’t match up with them at all


Today was the first Zag game I’ve seen this year and I only watched the second half. Creighton had no answer for the pick and roll, which is on their coaches. I mean, c’mon man. Zags D was better than I thought it would be, but maybe that’s Creighton. Zags like to push the ball which is how we play too. I’m not sure Zag makes it to the championship game.

Funny… I am currently worried about Oregon State.


Maybe UH should play Oregon State?


I’m sorry. Does the thread title not read “Gonzaga”?