Good distraction from all this LSU talk


Somebody drinking something of a funny color?

OK , I’m embarrassed.

I just lost 1000 brain cells

The original, so some of y’all know what is going on.

I’m saved. It won’t run on my Mac.

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Perfect !

As my dad calls them… Left Handed Cigarettes.


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I feel so ashamed… I actually laughed at how ludicrous that was… reminded me of the first time I saw puppy monkey baby…


How does this help?

It is parodied by lot of people… I guess he just wanted to do it too.

Pretty much just thought I’d do a cougar version…woke up in a goofy mood.

Oh. I get that, but seeing two people being wacked instead of one is not better.

Lol that stick must be really uncomfortable…

It must be hard to post while bagging groceries.

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Lighten up Francis.

Somehow, watching that left me even more confused.

My kids got a kick out of this…thanks for sharing!! Go Coogs!

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