Good thing I don't have to choose between the Astros and Coogs

The Astros are already on. I get to watch the Astros game and Tulane game in their entirety.

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Don’t count your chickens quite yet. The average baseball game goes for about 3:16, and I suspect playoff games will be longer.

I’ll watch Coogs over Astros every time


I’m a lifelong Stros fan, but unless Keenum is the starting pitcher and hitting clean up I’ll take the Coogs every time.


I got the 2 TV setup going so I got astros on right now. When Cougars come on I will have both on. Than I’ll have Cougars and Thursday night football on

Stros on their way to a W and Coogs will follow up with one!


Told a friend last night when we were watching the Dodger-Cards game, that if the Dodgers won it’d be the Stros and Dodgers in the WS. Zero doubt in my mind that that’s what we’re heading towards. Hope like hell we beat em again!

Hearing realignment rumors about the astros joining the pac 12

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The irony is they WERE moved to the PAC of the MLB- the American League West.


Can you imagine the TV ratings for a Dodgers Astros World Series.

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Team USA Soccer is on at the same time tho, I’ll probably be 2 tv’ing it in the living room.

World Cup qualifying.

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Yes sir, I’m right there with ya.

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Yah but in pro sports it actually pays to get moved to a worse division/conference.

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The Coogs will be on the big tv and the Stros will move over to the iPad…

I just mean we are grouped with California and Washington west coast teams which is similar to the PAC and especially if they add a Houston and Dallas school.

Well, I have 3 TV’s, Coogs will go on one.