Goodman and Hummel podcast - talk UH Cougars

Robbie Hummel called the Oregon game on Sunday for ESPN. His thoughts on the Coogs

Video starts at 12:00, goes to 17:30

He called the Oregon home crowd, high school like. :smile:


Hummel talked down our programs history on that broadcast. Jeff Goodman is the reporter who started the Sampson to Arkansas rumor a few years back.

What did he say that was talking us down?

Regarding Goodman, some people like him, some people thinks hes an Ahole.

Coaching rumors are apart of the business.

My recollection is that Hummel, while trying to impart the impressiveness of what CKS has done, was saying that we’ve historically never been a relevant program outside of a blip from before he was born. Then they went into a conversation about phi slama jama, and he didn’t seem to realize that it was a national phenomena. It didn’t sound like he disliked us, just was ignorant of our place in college basketball.


5 final fours is no blip!

I gotcha. Ill have to go back & listen to it.

Hummel is only 33 yrs old. Big 10 guy.

So his knowledge of Phi Slama Jama is probably limited

You know how it is with sports. What have you done for me lately!

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