Google Earth upgraded -

I know this is only mildly football related but TDECU looks pretty good. In fact, the whole 3D view of campus, and everywhere else I see, looks amazing.,-95.34891988,6.90108988a,428.1190004d,35y,280.53130171h,60t,0r/data=ClAaThJICiUweDg2NDBiZTU0N2ViMzMxNTk6MHhiMGUzYTJkM2VjYmUzNTA5Gfc7FAX6uD1AIS1agLZV1lfAKg1UREVDVSBTdGFkaXVtGAIgASgC


Awesome. Thank you. Now I can spend my entire work shift virtually on campus. :grin:

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Interesting that if you go to street view in the center of TDECU Stadium you actually see a view from the field of Robertson Stadium


I noticed the same thing.