Government Run Healthcare

I’d agree with that statement.

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Paper sheet is normal. blood on it is not.

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Not really.

Good point. Today I suppose we are more capitalistic in higher education
then when I was a student. With $11 SCH burden was on state; now it’s
shifted to the user (consumer).

For higher education, we have creeping capitalism for last 20 years ! :grin:

How so Lawbert ? Would really like to get your take.

Higher ed is fine with funding from consumers thru student loans but now we have a student loan bubble and many feel the states should fund higher ed better which is why loan forgiveness is a topic to get us back to where we should be before the Rick Perry’s of the world , otherwise UH etc is becoming like Rice etc in costs. It was a shell game to shift costs to consumers so why even call public universities, public anymore. Then the Rick Perry’s say hey we have a student loan bubble but they fail to admit they caused this shift. Public universities used to be funded at 80% then now its 20%.

Actually, that’s exactly what we are.

We are a hybrid Socialistic and Capalistic society.

Are you really going to argue that everyone in this country is not provided a free public education through their senior year of high school?

The child of the poorest family in that zoned neighborhood gets the same exact education as the child of the richest family in that zoned neighborhood. If that richest family OPTS out of that public education, they have the right to pick the Capitalistic option (Private School) but they still pay taxes to socially fund that school district.

And public education is just one example but it’s one that has been around since the US states were just colonies.

Please ForthWorthCoog do not make these statements. THEY ARE 100% FALSE.

I will give everyone some clear example for France, Spain and England
My dad had to wait weeks to see a specialist this was before THE PANDEMIC.
My dad had to wait weeks/months before his surgery. This was before THE PANDEMIC.
This is valid for my mom as well and for each country mentioned.
Now you need surgery in July or August?..FORGET IT
All specialists take a month or two months off.
COVID vaccinations?
Since the EEC (European Union) is in charge France, Germany, Spain are way behind us or the UK that left the EU months ago.
We have a major issues here with lobbyists that are at the core of the U.S. health care issues. I won’t say that the U.S. healthcare system is 100% fine. It is not and if our politicians stopped taking bribes we would quickly find a common ground that makes sense. The dc swamp has lobbyists for every aspect of the health care system even for ambulances. When there is a lawyer around there is a way to screw this up.

So 20 years of Creeping Capitalism and we have a loan bubble, you say !?!
/s How can that be ? /s

They aren’t false. I have hundreds of experiences with healthcare in those countries. I do most of my business in western Europe. Trust me, its my job to know about the healthcare systems there.

If you think we have a good healthcare system here and it is in line with other first world countries, turn off the cable news. Every country has issues with healthcare, but we have far more than others. We are the only first world country who have people who don’t go to a doctor when they are sick because they cant afford it.

I can 100% disagree with you Chris from my anecdotal experience … my friends like their UK NHS. So my experience with the UKers and NL folks is they like their system and
find our health care tied to job antiquated.

Canadians would never give up their healthcare for ours. What they do is that the very rich come to the US for some procedures but again they wouldn’t trade it for ours.Basically we can do better and Obamacare is a step in the right direction to fill in the gap between employer sponsored coverage and when you have no work coverage or unemployed and struggling bc of subsidies based on income. The con is taxes rise on your employer premiums but I’m ok for the greater good for all to be covered bc covid has shown us , we’re all in this together.

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I am on Skype with my family every weekend. My brother is a Doctor and his wife a specialty nurse. My nephew is finishing med school and so is my niece.
I have never had an issue to see a specialist here and did not have to wait weeks to do so.
The UK besides COVID vaccines is the Europe’s worth. France has a hybrid system so does Germany.
Make no mistakes about it. European taxes pay for it while you think they do not. It is called disguised taxes. While you are working you have insurance. Your employer is mandated to offer it to you. Cost varies depending if your employer will cover only you or your entire family. This is where an open “bidding market” ought to be in place. Some of these health care companies are worth $billions and again have dc lobbyists to make sure it stays that way. A free market health will work.

There’s no silver bullet in this space and there are good arguments on both sides.

I think one of the keys to knowing where to stand on it is understanding how you view success and with what lens you’re viewing it (e.g. on average, richest, poorest, middle class, etc.). You will probably get a different answer based on that.

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Very true.

The Euros I dealt with were very aware they pay it via their taxes. As I recall
they claimed to be in the 48% tax rate. Sure they would grumble about the tax rate,
but none would want our system instead. Just my anecdotal story of conversations
with about half dozen Europeans.

Go to Canada. Try it out.

It is like any big government program it sounds wonderful unless you actually need something that is not routine.

Go to Eastern Europe (I have) and listen to the people talk about socialism. Asked them how they liked it.

Party like its Bulgaria 1975.

It’s not disguised, LMAO! You would be against a system here that covered every American but also let people have their own private insurance? If so, why?

Biden is supposed to propose a buy into Medicare at 55 and older as an option only if you want to which is a no brainer then you let choice drive the markets at that age and it makes sense bc 55 etc are more vulnerable to losing employer coverage. Obamacare is also an existing option now that he just made sure it was funded correctly.

One of the big issues is health insurance being tied to jobs. As an entrepreneur, it sucks for me. Fixing this would be a huge help for those who want to start their own businesses or venture out into other things. We have a system (not just healthcare) that wants people to fall in line blindly working for a big company. Also wants to keep people desperate to be employed to keep the unemployment rate artificially low.

Any real healthcare change will take years, maybe decades. We can’t just flip a switch. Your idea of lowering the age to get on Medicare would be a good start. I still think we can have a Medicare option for everybody put in pretty smoothly. That along with maybe credits for self employed people who want private insurance would be a great improvement over the next few years.

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