Graduation Rates on the Rise

The new graduation report is out:

The 6-year grad rate increased from 51% to 54% for the class of 2011.

The class of 2012 is on deck. Already, 52% of them have graduated in 5 years, and 11% of that class is still enrolled. If past numbers are any indication, 6-7% of those will graduate this year. Making the projected 6-year grad rate at least 58% for next year!

I predict now that the class of 2013 will crack 60% when this report comes out in January 2020.

When I look at the universe of P5 schools, 59-63% seems to be an important threshold. Twelve P5 schools are in that range. The only P5 schools below that floor are Louisville and West Virginia.

Finally, the 4-year grad rate increased from 30% to 33% for the class of 2013.

The UHin4 program started with the class of 2014. So I anticipate these numbers will continue to rise as well.


Any way to tell if there could be a dramatic jump due to that program?

There will be a dramatic jump in the number of graduates, because the freshman class sizes grew starting in 2014.

We went from 3300-3500 freshman in 2011-13 to 3900-4200 in 2014-16.

We enrolled 4700 freshman in 2017!!

Usually, the more people you take, the lower your standards. So you might expect a drop in grad rates and retention. Instead, UHin4 is helping to keep grad rates and retention about the same despite much larger classes.


Huge news! Just an amazing jump compared to where we were even a decade ago.

Hope it helps us climb up in the rankings.

The trend is definitely moving in the right direction.

I can’t wait until the 4 year graduation rate is over 60% (6 years to graduate seems like a low bar in my personal opinion). Students on schedule during this current economic cycle should benefit from graduating on time.

It will also be interesting to see what affect the UHin4 program will have on rates.

Don’t hold your breath.

UT’s 4-year rate is 55%. A&M is 52%. And they are higher than Tech, LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Oklahoma St. (all less than 43%).

The UH 4 year grad rate will likely never be higher than 40% in my lifetime. Just the nature of being a public university in this region.

But to show how far we’ve come, when Renu got here our grad rates were 42% for 6 years and 15% for 4 years.

Excellent progress.

This will help us in national rankings and perhaps a few areas related to accreditation and governmental regulation.

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How many UHin4 grads will there be this Spring?

I liked the program when it launched, and I hope UH publishes the graduation rates from the program as data becomes available.

Graduating is the goal after all. And with the strong economy down in Houston and Texas showing little signs of slowing, I’d like to see more UH grads hitting the job market and populating payrolls, especially with all the competition coming from those high tax states refugees moving to the Lone Star State for work.

I plan on leaving my high tax state, too but I’m only moving across the state line.

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UHin4 students have been retained at a higher rate and have demonstrated superior academic performance and progress compared to non-UHin4 students. Of students in the first UHin4 cohort, 67 percent completed 90 credit hours by the end of their third year, eight percentage points higher than the prior three-year average.

When do they release official graduation rates each year?

They should have them, but I haven’t seen them made public yet. Here’s some more stats the University released, but the rates aren’t included.:

Got a pretty good update on the Graduation rates y’all might like, and it’s all within the statistical handbook:

According to the screenshot here, the 6-year graduation rate (Cohort Fall 2014) is up to 62%, while the 4-year graduation rate (Cohort Fall 2016) is up to 39%. This is in comparison to the Fall 2010 Cohort that had a 4-year of 23%, and a 6-year of 51%.

Also, the amount of First Time In College students enrolled in the Fall 2020 Cohort is 5,247, with the Undergrad transfers being 4,614. This brings total enrollment for Fall 2020 to 47,090 students (38,213 Undergrad, 1,077 Post-bach, 3,922 Master’s, 2,276 Doctoral, 1,602 Professional).

Seems like Renu and her staff are handly the University pretty well. I’m betting, knock on wood, that the 4-year rate for 2021 will be 40-42%, and the 6-year rate will be 64-66%.

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Yrs ago we were at 26% or so. We’re getting better as a school in every way.

P5 here we go

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How does that compare with other Universities?

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