Graphic: best “party” vs “athletic” schools

Some schools can probably move around a bit but in general the quadrants of each school are probably pretty close. In general, being in that top right quadrant is $ from a traditional college experience stand point. I started at OU my freshman year before transferring to UH and it is just a different animal being at a school like OU. I imagine UT, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Alabama, FSU, Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, Penn State, etc… that are in that upper right quadrant… are pretty awesome traditional college experiences as I can attest OU definitely was.

Two random observations - extreme portions of the bottom right and top left quadrants are fairly barren. 1. Regarding the bottom right it is tough to enjoy college too much if the sports suck - not many big party schools have trash athletics. Any administrators need evidence that sports success = school morale and party energy there ya go. 2. Regarding the top left quadrant its tough to be a Religious or TOP academic school and rule athletics. ND football and Duke basketball are the major exceptions.

I love UH but it is just much different than a traditional college experience. My opinion is that the further up and right UH can move the better for us. Almost ALL the major college brands are in that quadrant. In general look how FEW schools are lower party schools than us that are not religious or super brainy schools - I won’t count Utah because they surely have a huge Mormon population (close to 40% I believe). So basically we are talking about Xaiver, Tulsa, Temple, ODU. In a lot of ways UH is a BIG aberration in terms of sports success/decent academics but not being a traditional party school in any real sense.

Gotta agree. The further up and right we can move on that chart the better. Up means better athletics and right means more traditional party school. Renu understands this. Hard to change decades of momentum and perceptions though. Agree, we had a chance to capitalize some momentum when Herman was here and Sampson came to turn us around. Even Apple was okay because we still had Herman momentum and were winning more than losing. Last HC, Holgorsen, killed ANY momentum we had to that end. COVID didn’t help either. Hopefully we can get a resurgence in football under Fritz and keep pushing more to live on campus - it all helps.

I still maintain until 3rd Ward is sufficiently gentrified to the doorstep of UH and there are some destination bars/restaurants brought within walking distance of UH we will be limited. I know people don’t want to hear that though.

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When I was at UH, that was the Sigma Nu house.

Do we have enough hot coed talent to transform into a party school in the first place?

Last time I saw decent talent at UH was during the Levine and Herman years at 80% admissions rate, but then UH got more selective with the 65% now.

I do remember some of the older Coogs mentioning Karen Foster but that was before my time lol.

If you build it (awesome party school) they will come.

I rather keep the academic standards high lol
Keeps the degree more valuable in the long run.

I don’t think any administration takes pride in being labelled a formal “party school”

I definitely wouldn’t want UH to have that label. It’s a nice element to have as part of your university’s offering, but let’s leave that label to schools like Texas State and SFA… not UH lol

TX State is an interesting place with party school rep and 40% Pell Grant students.

Probably due to low income Hispanic students

Texas State’s competitor in that arena is UTSA

I always viewed UTSA with better academics than Texas State.

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UTSA’s demographics is changing

Used to have a large white demographic, but over the past 10-15 years the school had become a hispanic-dominant school (i know this because i had a friend that’s an alum)

They’re pretty much where UH was in the 80s/90s where UH used to have a majority white demographic but slowly became a large hispanic-serving school

5% of TX State students go Greek. 38% of freshmen are White and 44% Hispanic. 57% six year graduation rate.

The whole state of Texas is now majority Hispanic…I believe it is 52% Hispanic and 48% everyone else.

With 9+ million new illegal immigrants entering over the last 3.5 years, I imagine half of those will stay in Texas and add to the Majority %.

Per Census Bureau, In 2021, 40.2% of the population was Hispanic and Latino American of any race, 39.3% non-Hispanic white, 11.6% Black or African American, 1.5% American Indian or Alaska Native, 5.1% Asian, 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 0.4% some other race, and 3.1% two or more races.

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That’s right…Hispanics are no longer minorities, in Texas. They hold the highest % but of course hispanic isn’t an ethnicity, it’s the middle stop in their family’s journey to the New World (unless they were indigenous or were born in the Republic Texas footprint).

Surprisingly, or not, many Germans settled in South Texas and Nothern Mexico so many of the Hispanics in Texas are actually German- Mexicans but because there was a stop, in between, they are classified as Hispanic…not white

So, influential were the Germans that they created Tejano Music and started most of the Mexican Breweries including that famous German-Mexican beer, Dos Equis