Graphic: best “party” vs “athletic” schools

Arizona State rates lowly as an athletic department, but rates as the BIGGEST party school!

UH fares better athletically, but low on the “party” index.

Much to my surprise though, it did outrank TCU as a party school.

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The Den and the UC basement are the only campus bars left, Greek Life is mediocre now, the Satellite is under construction, campus is dead on the weekends and I don’t recall the apartment parties being good anymore.

UH has all of that space on Calhoun and the gameday scene sucks. Not surprised the party scene is lowly rated.

If UH’s campus life hadn’t peaked when I was there (2013-2018) I would have never gone there.

UT, Bama, Penn State, Florida State, Michigan and Ohio State all know how to have a great Gameday atmosphere and have a good party scene.

We also cant blame being in a major city because Minnesota, Washington, Arizona State, UCLA, USC and Cincinnati all have good party scenes despite being in major cities.

UH administration has been VERY incompetent on building up student life.


A lot of it is having a student body with both money and free time – in short, a rich daddy (and/or mommy). UH students typically have neither. Most of the “student life” in places like Tuscaloosa and Austin and State College is paid for (indirectly) by rich parents.

There are of course, exceptions – Georgia Tech’s curriculum is so brutal that students can’t really use the bars adjacent to campus, for example – but that’s basically how it goes.

According to that, they think we are a religious school that has ‘no fun whatsoever’…lol

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Then how did private TCU finish so low?

Religious school. I literally can’t identify a school on the right hand side of the graph that isn’t secular, save for maybe USC (can’t remember whether or not they’re still technically Methodist). For what it’s worth, I’m not sure these rankings in particular are particularly reliable or grounded in any sort of fact; I’m skeptical of any such ranking that doesn’t have Liberty U to the left of its next-closest neighbor (save for maybe BYU) by a country mile.



I’d much rather have a downtown with parking lots vs a downtown without parking lots and $14 street parking. Probably just me. We pay the price for all of those parking lots with respect to having a “6th street”.

They’re not.

They haven’t had a religious affiliation since 1952 and became completely secular in 1957.

And having been on their campus, been accepted there, and almost attended, I can tell you straight up: they take the “party school” thing to a whole new level!!!

We also cant blame being in a major city because Minnesota, Washington, Arizona State, UCLA, USC and Cincinnati all have good party scenes despite being in major cities.

UH administration has been VERY incompetent on building up student life.

And there you have it my friend. We always piss and moan about attendance, not enough/too many seat stadium, low student attendance, etc.
Even dino’s like me get charged in a highly excited student stadium, all over the place students giving full support to the team, fantastic tailgate scene hours before and after a game, in stadium music everyone loves, super halftime show you want to see, past UH athletic greats/teams intro’d, etc.etc.
I actually have attended a very few of this type contest at UH, never forget 'em.


I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you gotta cross like 2-3 freeways just to even get to a party district in Houston. Nobody is walking that

Don’t know much about the party atmosphere of most schools. UH may be correct, but TCU is way off. A school that is over 50% greek is not classified as one of the least party schools. Makes me question the foundation. I am guessing this is just a random placement of schools by someone with spare time.

Similar with athletics. What is it based on some sports or all and this past year or a multi-year finish? Stanford is near the top of the directors cups which counts all NCAA sports. If just a few like basketball, I would think UH (good basketball for couple years) and AZ would be higher. AZ esp if just basketball and football this past season. If all sports this year, TCU has two national championships this year. Now if it weights baseball heavy, then TCU and UH are more accurate.

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I’m surprised that we’re not too far off from schools like TCU, Baylor & A&M, party-wise.

We can’t blame the administration for everything regarding student life lol.

The tailgates, Greek parties, and pep rallies during my time under both Sumlin and Khator were still below average at best with the peak during the 2011 season when we were ranked most of the year.

A lot of the students had part time jobs on the weekends or didn’t have classes on Fridays so the parties was non-existent.

Most of the students hung out off campus at either Washington St or in Rice Village.

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You’ve clearly never been to Cincinnati if you call that a major city… :rofl:

Pretty accurate. I remember being at Rice Village a lot.

I really think that the development of Eado and even downtown is the best option for UH to have a place for this. The bars and restaurants should advertise to UH students.


I mean… UH Administration/Board of Regents don’t care about the social scene at all because they’re so focused on building up athletics and improving academic rankings first, which they should.

That being said, Greek Life at UH died when they not only suspended Sigma Chi, but they also tore down their mansion back in 2016. It completely killed Greek Life.

That being said, this campus lacks any social scene because it’s a commuter school and there isn’t any infrastructure for off-campus partying. Bayou Oaks, which accommodates the Greek organizations, has their parties shut down by midnight.

The other thing that sucks is that too many kids live too far away from campus.

UH has a long way to go before it ever has an actual stable party scene


The development of EaDo and Downtown is great, but it still has at least another decade to go. It’s still too far to accommodate students, especially if they aren’t 21. At best, there’s decent coffee shops such as Brass Tacks.

Third Ward is where UH should be focused on, but the area continues to fight gentrification which slows down development. Once Third Ward gets an actual name then that’s when you know things are changing.

First Ward doesn’t even really exist anymore or isn’t ever referred to anything, but it’s slowly turning into “Memorial Heights” or just gets labeled as “Washington”

Nobody calls Second Ward “Second Ward” anymore. It’s EaDo now.

Nobody calls Fourth Ward “Fourth Ward” anymore. That area is referred to as Midtown/Montrose.

Heights is Heights.

North side Village (where I’m moving to soon), is historically Hispanic low income but is gentrifying under the radar. It’ll be just like Heights in 10-15 years.

Yet Third Ward and Fifth Ward, still remains underdeveloped and are still referred to as historical Wards. Once Third Ward becomes “Village Oaks” or something, then that’s when gentrification will speed up tenfold like it did with Midtown


Cincinnati is classified as a major city. Dont be a Kyle.