Great Season - Proud COOG

We got ripped by the refs on numerous calls but when you play the BlueBloods, you have to expect it. So proud to be a COOG. Man, they gave it a fight all the way. So proud of the team.


I’m proud of our guys. That said, our team is known for defensive presence. I feel like we got called fouls when we bodied up on defense. That’s our MO so we couldn’t play our game, which is defense. We failed to rebound. That killed us. Man, we made some big shots down the stretch to keep us in it.


I wonder how many of our fouls were off the ball compared to shooting fouls. We were undersized and the refs wouldn’t let us fight for position one bit… that said, there were a few that we should have known better than after the calls started.

This one might be tougher to take than the Michigan loss. The fight these guys showed to get back in the game was everything we loved about this team… but I thought we had them beat and to see that hard work evaporate is tough to take.

Who knows what would have happened if we won, but the fight they showed in the second half leaves me thinking anything was possible.

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For me, this doesn’t hurt as much as the Michigan loss. We didn’t lose on a lucky shot.


We should have won that game. Period. We did not play the final minute smart. We played the last minute like a team that was expected to lose while UK was the opposite. That is why we lost. The refs were bias against us, sure. But that is a given so I don’t blame the refs. Great performance overall and very fun game.