Great win but sit Shead at UCF

Regular season title has to take precedent at this point, it’s the bird we have in the hand. Sorry but injuries and the grind are clearly getting to us. The tournaments might not have desirable results no matter who we try to rest at this point.


Winning the Big12 is a huge deal. The tournament is a crap shoot. With JoJo out, the Big12 title is probably the best chance we have to win a championship this season.


you gotta sit him, the one seed at the big12 tourney not worth it, to have to take a big12 tourney 2 seed with a healthy shead is worth the risk, rather than make him worse.

In my 11-7 prediction thread, even in my midseason reprise, I picked us to lose at UCF. So, naturally now, I expect to win despite not being able to foresee all of the injuries, including to Shead to a lesser extent. :smile:

I expect us to win, but I didn’t say we couldn’t be surprised.

I love when your predictions fail. :joy:


I’ll be happy to eat crow on that. UCF has all the makings of a trap game for us given we’re about to be going into the Kansas game, so combined with their ability to beat ranked teams at home and the usual “Coog’d It” game, I predicted a loss. And now we have the injuries.

That said, I still expect to win and would be disappointed if we lost to a non-Tournament team, injuries or not.

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With our injuries and the fact that we are playing to lock in a share of the title, this isn’t a trap game. No way we look past it.

We may lose but it’s not a trap game.


The guys who matter care - Sampson and the team. That’s kind of the end of it.


Okay, no one aside from us and maybe the rest of the Big 12 (and rightly so for us).

If it was up to me, win the big12 regular season,
Play subs that we have in first big12 tournament game…… then rest until the Real Tournament.

Per sadonally I do not care about these conference tournaments at all. Just $$$$ grabs for the league and espn.


Ehh, gives teams a second/last chance to try and make the Tournament. We will for certain benefit from that some as the years go on, even if we don’t win the whole tournament those years.

You thought we’d go 11-7 in conference now you want to throw it away?


We can beat UCF without Shead. Our chances would be worse but I’d be willing to take that chance. The most important thing is he gets healthy, right and even fresh (as can realistically be expected) going into the real Tournament. He’s our most indispensable player.

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That said, it’s not realistic to expect that he will sit given our injuries. But 12-16 minutes (30-40% of the game)? That would be the ideal compromise to me.

Feels like I’m taking crazy pills seeing all the “punt the UCF game” takes on here and Reddit lol

While I understand we just wrapped up the 1 seed in the South and player preservation is probably a bigger priority now, no team would ever just throw away a game that clinches them a conference title


We need to win 1 of the last 2. Win Wednesday. Now if Jamal needs rest, I’ll trust the staff. Not some rando who thinks winning the Big12 means nothing.


Good old fashion message board talk. Making decisions for the head coach.

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Winning the best conference in the country in the regular season is significant, for certain. I just think it pales in comparison to a great tournament run, if not a natty… Just MO, like I said, I won’t be sad if Shead plays, just would sit him if it were me.

But in Kelvin I trust. He rescued us from the gutter and has us every season competing for national titles, even if he’s not always 100% perfect (who is)? There’s a reason he gets paid the big bucks while I’m an internet nerd (for now anyways).

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Why go short if the objective is long? I have no doubt that the players want to win the Big 12 title in UH’s first year. Is it important enough to them to let them try for it at the risk for a extended trip in the “Dance”? Coach will say no, but he will have to convince guys to sit.

The game is freaking Wednesday, about 4 full days rest until tipoff. People with nothing better to do, “Oh, let me post something cute/clever.”.

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