Greatest coaches all time

…of all time

RANKED: The 25 Greatest Men’s College Basketball Coaches Of All-Time (

There going to put Eddie Sutton and Tarkanian in there and there claim to fame was getting there teams in several final 4. Then they should have Guy Lewis in there as well and that West Texas Coach who won it all over Adolf Rupp Kentucky team.


Man, you really need to learn the difference between There, Their and They’re. You’ll appear much more intelligent if you did.

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Relax dude, its an internet forum.

Call me a homer but Guy and Kelvin should be on this list!


This list has Huggins, Lefty & Sutton. Not saying they shouldn’t be on it, but since they are there’s no doubt Guy V should be on it (in my opinion).


Ask me if I give a damn of what you think, of me? Let you in on a little secret , I don’t.

Well There you go! :grin:

Looks like just another AI-generated list of ‘Top Whatevers’.


Don Haskins

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