Greatest Ever 2 Weekends of Playoff Football?

6 games played.

5 decided by a FG.

The other one went into OT.

And a 200 to 1 underdog before the season started, Cincinnati, makes The Super Bowl.

Just amazing football !


One of the best that I can remember.

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They were both good, but they owed us a few after that pathetic 1st weekend of playoff play.


I just read a book about the 1988 Kentucky Derby and a group of guys who bet a horse at 50-1 long before the race was set. Makes you wonder how many people are holding tickets for the Bengals waiting on a huge score.

Or tearing through every nook and cranny in the house looking for that ticket they bought back in July!

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This thread has me confused. Football season ended earlier in January and doesn’t start up again until about labor-day weekend.

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Good Rams-49ers recap video —

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