Greenberry released

DG released from the Canadian team, yall think its personality/work ethic or ability?

I wish the guy well.

It’s hard to make it as a pro anywhere. Whose to say really. I wish the guy well and really wish he’d given Herman a chance.

Giant mistake leaving early has been for him. Anyone know if he got his degree? He’s going to have to get a real job soon…

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I don’t think he had the talent.

That’s got to be tough for him. I wish him well.

Too bad. Levine baby’s him.

I hope for the best for DG. Hopefully discouragement does not derail him.

Is Ambles still on the team?

Honestly, he was an idiot for leaving the team when he did. I hate to say it, but he kind of brought this on himself.

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Kind of shocked he couldn’t make the team. Thought this would be great opportunity for him. This was probably his last shot.

Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but his younger brother was just arraigned on double homicide charges in Fresno. Can’t be easy mentally dealing with that.

Ambles and Parris are both still on Toronto’s roster.


DG does not have world class speed but had the talent to dominate on the field. Case in point the Armed Services Bowl game vs. Pitt. As other posters have mentioned regarding some of his actions and decision-making, I think it is all about his attitude. I understand there are external factors involved around his family life, but sometimes you just have to rise above all that. I really hope he gets another shot and sticks with a team. He is still and always will be a part of the UH family.

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Here’s the issue with DG. To make it as a pro, you have to be exceptionally proficient at something. As a WR, do you have elite speed? Do you have sure hands? Are your routes precise? I don’t think he stand out in any of these categories. A fine college player. But that’s about it.

Did he graduate? Does he at least have a degree?

toronto is deep at WR and he didn’t do anything for a full year (rust)

also his agent or whoever DG’s consulting is foolish … entering the draft wasn’t his best decision, but what really bothered me was then not using his then hype to sign a deal with canada
im pretty sure the people around him told him he was too good for Canada, to wait a year and try the nfl again next year. a year later still no nfl and that the hype is gone, even joining canada teams will be on a tryout type basis, instead of a guaranteed contract

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He left because he desperately needed to make money. He had a kid on the way and needed to provide for his family that is why he left. I do not believe DG thought he was going to make a huge pay day or outgrew the college game. Should he have stayed? Probably so. But I think his intentions were in the right place when he decided to leave.


If he didn’t graduate, I hope he takes advantage of any NCAA and UH programs that help him finish.