Greg Fenves on UH

oh my…

“As we look at opportunities for Big 12 expansion, I support considering @UHouston for the conference. UH is a huge asset for Texas.”


Holy Cow!..It’s hilarious to read the replies to the tweets! Those Whorn fans are miserably misinformed about THE University of Houston.

First the Texas Governor, now the President of UT.

That’s a pretty stout lineup supporting us.

Call me cynical from many years of being let down, but I can’t help but be afraid that he is supporting us openly so that UT can have political cover if we don’t get in. Really hope I’m wrong and Charlie Brown finally gets to kick the football.



Wasn’t there some information that was shared a couple of months back that stated that Texas would be "officially"for us but ultimately others wouldn’t be on board with UH joining the B12?

CowChip stated elsewhere … POLITICAL MUSCLE or the folks who hold the paychecks to the state universities speak louder …

He also stated 4 teams are slated for entry … not 2 or the Big12 would be leaving some $$$ on the table. There is actually $$$ for 6 but 4 is a nice middle ground for now.

Also …

According to CCB … 3 look already in … BYU Cincy and UH …

This would be over tomorrow HOWEVER deciding the 4th make take until October since the rest are iffy having down years or changes in HCs or other reasons. BYU has a new HC but their nat’l following and attendance is their plus … for now.

How is Bronco Mendenhall going to feel if BYU gets in?

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Is this reality?

“The” 29th President of UT … Holy cow.

Thank God Deloss Dodds is gone.


Holy Heck! What is going on?! This is just all too good to be true. Is Tillman channeling his inner Galveston Gangster??

Go Coogs!

Now this is scary…

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Not cynical in my eyes. I am with you, I am afraid they can say “hey everybody, look we have been supporting U of H to get in to the Big XII but everyone else overruled us…sorry!”

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Orangebloods flat out stated this is political cover for UT and that the out of state schools will vote against UH.

Well thank goodness the orange blood board fans …


Their president DOES!!! …

And why is one visiting the boards who have traditionally been against us … they are ALSO … a bit BEHIND THE TIMES …

Our coogs have gone from #3/#4 … to NUMERO UNO!!!

But hey … knock yourself out if you are a glutton for punishment


Maybe you ought to reread:

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Thanks for posting. Just fired if off at a BYU troll.

I hope it happens Ghis, but his nickname is :Sex Panther. Because 60% of the time, he is right all the time. It’s hard to trust what anyone has to say at this point. Everyone will make their decisions, and the Big 12 will see who is the most desperate to give up the most money. It sounds like the current Big 12 schools are looking to keep most of the money. If they add four schools at a $30 million per year clip and only pay each school $10 million, the current ten schools split $80 million per year. They then each pull in $38 million per year while the new adds are only making $10 million per year. The Big 12 has no interest in new adds being successful, they are only interested in cashing in. The Big 12 is an awful spot. I truly wish UH had some other, any other option.

This is the obvious explanation. I hope I’m wrong .

Whether it’s right or wrong, does it matter?

UT and UH are willing to do a deal. If UT elects to move on in 2024, is that bad? Depends upon your perspective. From the perspective of UH, a damaged B12 in 2024 is still a much better position to be in than being in the AAC. Not only is there more money, and a realistic chance to salvage the conference as a P5, but it’s also a good launching pad for potential membership in another P5. After all, it’s much easier moving from one P5 to another P5, rather than from a G5 to a P5 conference.

So, doing a deal with the devil at the moment suits my position. After all, the enemy of my enemy (in this case, remaining in the AAC), is my friend.

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