Greg Ward and the Eagles

Anybody keeping up with Ward and the Eagles and what’s happening there ?

Looks like he had 1 pass attempt to Hurts in the 49ers game, but no targets himself.
Some other receivers for the eagles had a not-so-good-looking receptions to targets
ratio in that game. I didn’t see the game, so not sure how telling that stat is.

This is concerning. In four games including pre-season Greg had one reception. That is it. Clearly the Eagles offensive “room” is looking at all options and Greg is not in the “clear mix” right now. I have not been a huge Hurts fan. I was hoping both could develop a chemistry together with how versatile Greg is. There are still a ton of practice days coming as well as study sessions. Greg can be a difference maker. I have no doubt about it.

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I live in PHL and he is not getting much attention.

The designed pass play got blown up a bit, but was overthrown.

The Eagles did just draft the Heisman winning WR DeVonta Smith and if I recall correctly, picked up another good receiver. I’m sure Greg has been bumped down the depth chart a little bit and might be limited to 4+ wide out plays and filling in when others need a break.

If the eagles cut him he should try out for the Texans who could use an explosive wide reciever.

At least he is on the 53 man roster at the beginning of this year

Fly Greg Fly!

…and the team has been horrible with their offense play designs. The time they threw at him last year proved how explosive and productive he can be. New coaching staff with Sirani. He did well with Reich with Phillip Rivers, the WR’s in San Diego. So far the WR’s body of work has been just terrible. Is Philly Billy Werndl still on the radio?

Okay, D. Smith had 7 targets and 2 receptions. So not sure if he just had a bad day
or those were really bad throws. Guess he will get the benefit of the doubt.

Kinda same with J Reagor , 5 targets and 2 receptions.

But as someone said, he did make the roster and it’s a long season.
Just gotta admire Greg’s attitude and work ethic.