Greg Ward in the new Kaep Nike Video

Nike released their video for the 30 year anniversary of “Just Do It.” It’s been getting a lot of political run for Colin Kaepernick being featured. I just saw the full video, and Shaquem Griffin gets some love in it. There’s a shot of him tackling Greg Ward at the 1:32 mark in the video. Should be all over Thursday Night Football tomorrow.

Did UH get any money for letting them use that clip?

Not useless we filmed that ourselves. Wonder how many versions will be put out (once cut to 30-45 seconds) and if that clip will be in many.


I’m indifferent to the kapernick brew haha (see both sides and don’t intend on getting political here), but I’ll burn my nikes now that they’re showing our GW in an unflattering moment.


Yeah… this thread has the hot potential to get political quick. Please don’t let it. Thanks.


It’s OK, we got them that day. Needed a mad comeback, but still a W. That game scared the heck out of me, and I had a UCF alum buddy there with me.

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I realized that, and hope that it doesn’t become that. I thought it was worth posting, as this video is going to get a TON of air time and discussion over the first NFL weekend.

True…some people have to make EVERYTHING political.

I personally can’t wait to buy the new UH Nike Jordan gear,


Just lock it now. Some folks cannot resist.

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3 UH Jordan shirts at the bookstore and bookstore website just got released. Some details on the basketball board.

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