Why did he not stay with the program?

Probably playing time. Josh Carlton’s presence for the upcoming season and Reggie Chaney’s emergence last season probably forced him to make the decision to go elsewhere. Although, I was always disappointed that his playing time regressed last season. He has a lot to contribute. His experience would also be greatly valued in the locker room too.

Gotta be tough without Jarreau around after all of these years. I liked watching him play for UH and glad he transferred here for the program turnaround. I wish him well (unless UH plays TSU down the road!).



Are we playing TSU this year? If so, that should be a fun reunion. I’m happy for him. He’ll get tons of playing time there.

His playing time regressed because others were playing better.

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Good for TSU. I hope they get to the dance again and maybe advance.


I didn’t realize he still had eligibility but it makes sense now…we have alot of bodies in the front court and he probably wanted to play another year. Wish him the best!

that may seal the deal from both teams playing but doubt it anyway -

Now why more of them who are just wasting away on the bench or have smaller roles that were legit players don’t make the move across the street is a mystery to me.

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Seems like a nice fit. Gresham should get major time at TSU and hopefully get set up for a higher level of international hoop.

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Has he graduated? Is he going to grad school at TSU?


I wish him well. A simple reality of university level Bb is that the better a program becomes, the more likely you can expect transfers to happen.

You only get to play university level ball for a short period of time, so I don’t begrudge players who choose to leave in order to increase their PT. The advantage of programs receiving UH transfers is that they receive a player who is accustomed to practicing hard, playing good defense and winning. The disadvantage of players choosing to leave the UH Bb program is that they may likely miss out on a possible NC,

Food for thought…the decisions people make in their youth are the ones that they have to live with as an adult.

Good Luck BG!