Grimes with NYK

Not sure if you anyone is watching the Knicks - Heat Playoff Series, but its game 6 and Grimes has played the entire game.

He just got pummeled on a pick, then got up, manned up on Jimmy B, and stole the ball.

Well done sir!!

Go Coogs!


He’s been balling last 3 games…


I’m not a big fan of the NBA but I have been watching Knicks games. Gritty play by Quentin.


Is it me or do the Knicks have some freakish athletes even by NBA standards on their team.

Just watching the Knicks, the only freakish athletes to me are Mitchell Robinson & Obi Toppin. In my opinion

*Brunson, Hart, RJ Barrett, Grimes, Emmanuel Quickley, Julius Randle are good NBA athletes, very skilled. But not crazy athletic to me

Bam Adebayo for Miami is freakish also

They highlighted it on sports center this morning when showing the recap - Grimes is 100% hustle all the time.

Hope they can force a game 7




Game 6 at Miami
6:30 ctl on ESPN.

QG has OG to his game.

Sounds like Grimes is playing till the wheels fall off.


yessir tuning in for sure. we need a game 7 at the garden

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assume we’ll make this the “official” game thread?

surprised we dont have an NBA playoff thread. its the offseason after all…

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big praise for Grimes in the opening segment.


Knicks down 6. 2 minutes to go 4th Quarter

Not having Immanuel Quickley hurt

Rj Barrett, was bad. Brunson was terrific

Knicks season ends. Heat advance :confused:


anyone know what Grimes is making / his contract off the top if their head?


According to spotrac, he made 2.27M this yr.

2nd yr of a 4 yr/11.12M deal.

Knicks fans like him. He needs to expand his game offensively.


Barrett is just another in a long line of overrated Duke players.

For every Irving and Hill, there is a Barrett, Parks, Battier and Ferry.


Yeah, the (3) recent busts Jahlil Okafor, Justice Winslow and Jabari Parker

All were top 10 picks. Okafor doesn’t fit the current NBA. Parker had some injuries and Winslow cant shoot

Haven’t watched a ton of Barrett this yr. Wasnt impressed what i saw today. 4th yr in the NBA

Unfortunately Grimes had a poor game as well. But good season

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Yeah that last shot (air ball) was painful. But honestly, he played a lot of minutes and was not really used to it. He will work on it in the offseason and will be ready next year.

Grimes should be on the Rockets… damn, Damn, DAMN!!!

Could be available.
"The Knicks are getting the band back together — the Villanova trio of Donte DiVincenzo, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart. "

Hart more of a SF but Donte DiV is just a SG.

Grimes w Mitchell Robinson, etc maybe in a Deandre Ayton trade.
Knicks also traded Obi Toppin to Pacers to run w J Walk.

Sadly the Rockets just paid Dillon Brooks $80m. If someone can explain that to me I am all ears.

I would much rather have Grimes.