Group of 5 - Recruiting Class Rankings

#65 - BOISE ST
#66 - FIU
#67 - TULANE
#69 - TOLEDO
#70 - UCF
#72 - LA TECH
#73 - UNT
#74 - UNLV
#75 - BYU
#78 - FAU
#81 - UofH


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This is exactly what I mean…

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CUSA schools are out recruiting us…

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ITS STUPID to claim that our class is ranked 81 !! Our class is FAR better than that ranking! Is it Holgerson’s fault that the services are so lazy and stupid that they refuse to take into account transfers?? We have 12 transfers and JUCOs…12!!! Includes many of our top prospects for future playing…


I don’t want to be an alarmist but I’m beginning to question CDH.

I didn’t like how we were on the offensive side of the ball. I didn’t quite like our defense either. I’m not sure what to make of our recruitment efforts. I also want to be fair to him since there appeared to be a lack of depth to our roster - so, I’ll give him a pass for that.

HOWEVER, 4 million dollars a year for a coach should give us more results. Right now, I’m not that impressed.

Sorry gang, but I’m not very optimistic about our football team next year. I hope I’m wrong.


The panic is real. Lol


You think so? Let’s see what they do on the field and what we do.


JUCOs are included in the ranking. D1 transfers are not.

I am not hitting the alarm button yet. In basketball, it wasn’t until we started winning that we got 4-star recruits. We signed an amazing class this year in hoops. I am hoping its the same thing in football. Sampson did not rake in 4-stars during the first couple of years. He relied on high potential transfers like Pollard and Dot. Which is why I am okay with observing for now.


I’m intrigued with some of the Offensive Linemen that they have recruited. Although some may be raw, they certainly have size.

Do you know how they calculate the JUCO’s into the final rankings?

Corey Davis Jr. And company were not 4 star recruits. This is the most “talented” by recruiting services metrics we’ve been in a while and they have a worse record. :joy:

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we have tons of juco and transfers…those are are rarelly accounted for in recruit ranking

has high school recruiting been poor? yes, hard to argue that

is the overall class bad? to be determined…i think itll be very good…

Damarion Williams turned out to be JC gold for us last season


Are we last?

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Or maybe they have and we are still ranked 81st

They are ranked by the recruiting services and included like the rest of our recruits.

This recruiting class does not worry me because I know CDH will backfill what he needs with transfers and JUCOs when it’s time.

We are going to look pretty good for the next 2 years according to our transfers from 2019 and redshirt freshman minus that Murphy guy.

2019 transfers


Fox and Jackson have also left the program.

Because you are comparing freshman with seniors. Caleb and Nate as a senior will blow away Corey and Galen