Group of Five Power-Ranking: It’s Houston and everybody else

1. Houston (1-0)

It’s pretty simple, really. Houston was the Group of Five team to beta last year and entered 2016 with that expectation once again. No better way to stay ahead of the pack than by jumping all over Oklahoma, a Big 12 favorite this season. It is predicted Houston could have a stranglehold on this top spot in my personal ranking for quite some time, as I actually have gone on record predicting an undefeated season by Houston. The odds are they could be tripped up somewhere along the way (Louisville?), but after getting by the Sooners you have to be feeling pretty good if you are a fan of Houston.

Need some of the other AAC teams to join UH in the Top 5. Would be nice for Tulsa to catch Ohio St sleeping on them before the OU match up. USF catches Florida St after their Louisville game. I hope both can make some noise with those games.

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