Guy V. Lewis bobblehead

Anyone manage to snag a Guy Lewis bobblehead the day they gave them out for free at Hofheinz? I was hoping to add it to my collection so looking to buy.

How much would you be willing to pay?

Offer still available @bigmccoog?

Yes it is wiggles…I did not get mine free…I paid for four of them and put three on my website to sell…but since you are a Coog I would be willing to deal with ya…

Awesome! I’ll send you a PM

I was able to get one of the GVL bobble heads at the game and the Jim Nantz bobble head, too. I wouldn’t mind buying one of those polka dotted towels they gave out a few years ago, though. Got any of those bigmccoog?

Let me check and see what I have left…I paid for several a while back and am keeping one for myself. Let me check and see what I have left…

Hey @bigmccoog, I PM’d you about the bobblehead so lemme know on there what you think.