Happy Birthday Raymond!

Happy Birthday to our site owner. He works tirelessly for this board. Hope you have a good one!


Happy birthday and thank you for this site.

HBD appreciate the awesomeness of this site.

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Thanks guys for all the support.

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Happy Birthday Ray! I want to thank you for the opportunity to bring us together. It is not easy to be a Coog fan. We have always been kinda of the rebels when it comes to Texas sports.When I got my degree we did not have our administration’s back. A lot of us were very frustrated. We had no idea if we were even going to have a football program. Even though we were in the SWC. I moved away to the West coast but my interest was always there. Countless times I had to remind people that our University was once in a P5. Most of you understand what it feels like. As you get older or are apart your heart grows fonder as they say. There are a few sites out there but none come close to yours. Thank you again.


You’re the best!!

Great job, Ray. Thanks for your tireless support!

Happy birthday Ray, you crazy Cougar!!! Just enjoy the day and don’t think about last Saturday. Pull up some Big Ed highlights and be blissful. Thanks for all you do!

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Hope you have a great birthday, Raymond and thanks for all you do

I’m always late with these things. Happy birthday Raymond and thanks for this awesome site where Coogs can gather!