Hard to win on road

Memphis lost at Tulsa and Temple lost at UConn last night. SMU at Cincinnati tonight.

Does it matter who wins tonight? If we had betten Cincinnati I might say them, but we have SMU twice coming up. It doesn’t really matter does it?

I guess I’m rooting for the school from Texas…that got shafted by the SWC as well.

Cincinnati, is clearly the class in the conference. Nothing to be ashamed of to be the second best team. I think UH will take care of SMU at home. UH just doesn’t have the horses up front to beat Cincy, unless Davis comes back healthy, and plays like he did where he left of.

UCONN looks to be finally putting things together and we’re lucky that we played them in Storrs early on in conference. They might be a team to watch come conference tourney time. but they still don’t have much scoring. Temple also seems to be showing that they were a little overrated early on.

Memphis has also been a little overrated early and are starting to come back down in conference play. Tulsa’s a hard place to win at as they’re going to grind it out and make you compete just like they did us last week.

SMU is good, but they aren’t deep as they only have 7 scholarship players playing right now. The further they get into conference, the more trouble they may have. Still, they hung with Cincy on the road and they are 2nd best in conference right now.

Regarding Temple, I am not going to downplay a team that handed Florida State their only loss and West Virginia one of their two losses. They have some head-scratching losses but I am glad UH gets them at The Hof.

The rest of AAC play is going to be interesting. Winning tomorrow at UCF would be a good quality road game. The 3-0 in road games start are all double-digit scoring differences (+16, +14, +16) – very impressive so far. I assume this game will be closer than that and will gladly take any W.

It is hard to say that a team that beat 2 top 25 teams (Temple) is overrated.
And I’m watching the Tulsa/Memphis game right now and can tell you the refs were not kind to Memphis. Heath is a great coach and will take any advantage he’s got, refs happened to be his advantage this game.
I have a lot of respect for Memphis right now.

Title of this thread was on the nose; COOGS lose to UCF.