Harden back to the Rockets rumor

What do y’all think

First thought is no. But then why not, the 4-5 people that still watch the Rockets will be no less bored by watching Harden dribble out the shot clock and chunk up a three while trying to get fouled every time the Rockets have the ball.

It’s not like the Rockets need to develop any younger players.


If they get Wembanyama, then sure why not. If not, then at that point, it’s not my money, so I might watch to see how it goes, since they probably can’t play any worse than they have with the current group. They will probably have a new coach by that point too.

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If I hadn’t already quit watching, this would give me another shot.

Are the Rockets still in the NBA


This isn’t his game anymore. Harden is leading the NBA in assists and shooting 40% on 7.3 three point attempts per game. He also shoots 87% on FTs at only 6.5 attempts per game. He seems to be a guy who has figured out what his role is at this point in his career. He is a VERY high IQ player with incredible court vision. The only legit knock on him is he’s lazy on defense. Offensively, some of these young guys could probably learn a lot from him. If he came here as a facilitating point guard, I’d be 1000% on board with that.

One thing is for sure: this Rockets team needs a veteran presence. I honestly don’t care if it’s Harden or not, but we really need a veteran player to come kick these young guys in the rear and teach them how the NBA works.

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I’m not sure they need a veteran to show them how to be lazy on defense. :laughing:

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The Rockets are awful. A hodgepodge of singular talents that have no interest in playing as a team.

Silas got dealt a bad hand but he is a bad coach as well.

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Agree with everything, except the defense argument. Harden has never been a good on the ball defender against other guards because he just doesn’t have the foot speed or athleticism. However, he is a great post-defender. That is why the Rockets went to the Switch-Everything D in 2017-2018, and won 65 games doing it.

As for adding him to this team, these guys need someone who can show them how to win at a high level. Say what you want about Harden, but I believe he has only played one season where his team did not win 50 games (other than the bubble season): 2015-2016 season. Even in the Bubble Season, the teams winning percentage over a 82 game schedule would have equaled 55 wins. That is remarkable.

This is the type of righteous comment that raises the standards of the board.


This is what happens when you have petulant kids being coached by a bad coach:

The Rockets are a mess.

Is Harden the “veteran presence” we want?

  • this is how you go to strip clubs till early morning
  • this is how you show up out of shape
  • this is how you pout your way into forcing a team to trade you.
  • this is how you underperform in big games

We had a good run with James but im looking towards the next chapter.

If we are looking for a “veteran presence” , let’s find someone who fits the culture we are trying to develop.

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What is the culture they’re trying to develop

tillman is pretty sharp. i imagine he remembers well how it blew up at the end of hardens reign and likely wont allow it back.

Chefs kiss for this

The Rockets problem is that we are not exactly a destination for NBA free agents at the moment.

NBA, more than any other sports league, is player driven; no matter how good a coach is, if he doesn’t have the players, his ability to win is limited.

It will be nice to see what we are once we have a new coach and (finally) stop tanking.

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very nice point EastCoastCoog. imo, you are 100% spot on.

To your first point. I always wondered what could have been had he settled down with Ashanti.

With that being said. Harden>>>>>>>>>>>KPJ. I think it could do wonders for Jalen Green.

Also, James and Kelvin are close. Would not hurt having him around the program more.

Ahh, Ashanti! Man talk about a women who has aged well!! Like fine wine.


That’s an understatement.

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