Has anyone tried a solar generator?

Has anyone tried out a solar generator instead of one of the gas powered ones? Just thinking that might be better to have in hurricane emergencies, assuming it doesn’t put out carbon monoxide that could poison us and saves from waiting in long gas lines.

How does it work overnight?

I believe they have batteries but that is a good question.

Costco has a tri fuel generator for about 1k that you can run off natural gas and you can put in a 50 amp breaker and power your whole house, except central a/c. The solar ones I’ve seen don’t look like they would last more than a day. With Ike i was without power for 10 days

The problem with solar is you need a Hell of a lot of coverage to do anything serious in your home. I just do solar as a hobby but I plan an array when I move out of Houston. It depends on what you need to do in a power outage. Personally I want a 115 volt window unit and power to my refrigerator. Most solar generators can power a lot of small things but struggle with the big stuff. You could string a few 100w panels to the generator and a couple more batteries and get some things going. I know you didn’t ask this but depending on your budget I think you’d get more reliable immediate power with a NG generator.

If you can get by without central air and a clothes dryer in an emergency I suggest buying some batteries and solar panels from Harbor Freight and skipping the generator. You’re smart enough to watch the YT videos and have it functional in less than 24 hrs. Thats what I did.

Windmills are definitely the way to go during a hurricane


I thought the cause cancer and kill birds?

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