Has Bing Bang been debunked?

This is very interesting and may cause a seismic shift in astronomical theories.

The Big Bang Theory Has Been Debunked? (msn.com)

I can’t say but that article is a bit flakey. Pretty sure it should be “red shift” and not red shirt.
No way there are coog fans that far out there.

furthest away should be huge and contain a “red shirt” to their light. What the James Webb Telescope has discovered is that those galaxies are the complete opposite. An astronomer at the University of Kansas

What could be a typo by the author doesn’t negate the rest of the article. Regardless, the Big Bang has only been a theory, granted one accepted by the world of astronomy, but a theory nevertheless. I have always wondered how it started and if there was a huge lump of mass, what caused the heat and what caused it to explode. It is way beyond my understanding.

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I think it’s too early to say the big bang theory has
been debunked. If it does have flaws in it inconsistent
with new observations, it will be modified or replaced with a better theory that is consistent. I found this statement in the article to be questionable as well:

Those who have rejected the idea of God, but adopted the Big Bang, would then have to ask themselves: “where did all these galaxies come from?”

Red Shift is a corner stone of modern cosmology and I never see it in quotes.

Kind of like global warming

What ever happened to that fake ozone scam the media kept shoving down our face holes?


Kind of like COVID which a certain segment allying themselves by political affiliation now look like a horse’s backside with the genius remedies and debunking and detachment from reality that went on amongst them with their leader leading the way in stupidity, apathy and ignorance.

Same with the global warming deniers and anyone with a detachment from that reality.

Absolutely brain dead.

For those who voted for the orangeman, I’d be less concerned with the Big Bang and astronomy than I would be trying to get a grip on reality here on earth and the scientific/health/medical REALITIES that have an existential impact on your and everyone else’s life. With COVID and global warming you’re a BIG 0-2.

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You can’t help yourself with TDS. You have to do it in every thread. Man inhale and exhale a minute or two.

I could never wrap my brain around the big bang theory either. Everything has to have a beginning, right? But what was there before the beginning? Nothing? Even nothing is something. :thinking:


Just to be clear, this doesn’t show anything has been debunked. Let’s not run with it as if it has.

Oh boy with the fabricated TDS BS, a self-diagnosed variant of ODS that you and others project, unknowingly of course. The premise of the Dunning-Kruger sociological model is that the ignorant don’t know how ignorant they are. I would suggest before engaging in dialogue with intelligent people that one should try and gain some level of control and mastery, in this case, of the English language. Really it’s embarrassing, but a reflection of an immature intellect a given. Can’t imagine the level of “fluency” in the other three.

I don’t have proofs of education in political sciences, but what do I know I’m just an alumni.

You need to bone up on the documented, planned criminal intent planned by the Fascist Lord and his cronies from filing frivolous lawsuits alleging voting fraud that were all dismissed (about 60-70 or so and many with either republican or even Trump appointed judges), threatening and harrassing state election officials who validated the results in their states (many republican), consideration of having the military seize voting machines (here’s the draft of the order),


orchestrating self-described fake voters and soliciting the breach of voting machines, orchestrating 1/6 with the army of thugs intent on holding hands with Pence, Pelosi, et al.

So your infantile resort to accusations of TDS is only a fallback when you have nothing of substance to refute the knowledge of his dictatorial/authoritarian intent, willingness to circumvent and break the law, willingness to consort with, hire and defend criminals, proof (or “proofs” in your language) beyond any and all doubt that pathological lying is an actual symptom of part of his psychopathy, as well as his comments made publicly reflecting perversion in the carnal sense.

So congrats on your cute little TDS BS. You would have been an enthusiastic cheerleader at Nuremburg.

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It’s not anywhere near debunked. The source of this article is Giant Freaking Robot a click bait site that uses lying headlines such as this to drive traffic. Then when you read the article realize it’s actually nothing. Typically they are more in the entertainment section but they decided to cross over.

Basically this is literally nothing at all


TDS is a projection of their very cult like support of him.


Agree, and they butchered basic stuff as @NRGcoog mentioned.

I see some wanting to run with this though.

Responding to a question from a viewer who said she had had the flu for 14 days, “Washington Journal” host Peter Slen asked Fauci if she should get the flu shot.

“Well no,” Fauci responded. “If she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself. If she really has the flu, if she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine.”

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Preacher: See their precious science has failed again! They can’t even explain creation. Luckily we have our explanation, it was done in one sentence! No further questions needed. Proof is in the text. Now remember the tithe is 10% of gross income not net.


I don’t think God and science are mutually exclusive.


What’s your point?

That’s a pretty rational view and if one is a practicing member of a religion probably the correct one. Not a lot of money to be made with rationality though.

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That’s true. I’m not trying to make any money from it though. :slight_smile: