Has DCTF Jumped the Shark?

The root cause here seems to be that there’s no longer money to be made in journalism. Consumers are no longer willing to pay what was once a very reasonable price for basically any sort of news media, which means that there’s no longer money to recruit and pay quality journalists, which means publications have to do more work with less staff, which means quality decreases, the product gets worse, and loses subscribers and makes less money. Students no longer go into journalism because there’s no money to be made. It’s a death spiral and it’s already killed local news coverage in most of the country. In the long view, it’s terrifying.


I also used to anxiously await the publication of DCTF, but I haven’t paid any attention to it in 25 years.
It’s mired in traditional takes on Texas football, and I don’t find it interesting at all.

I would say these were the biggest contributors:

Hakeem Ajijolaiya DL 6 starts 21 tackles 1 TFL

Isaiah Hamilton CB 12 starts 4 int 50 tackles

Sam Brown WR hon men big 12, 11 starts 800+ yards

Chidozie Nwankwo DL 6 starts 5 TFL 1 sack most snaps at nose tackle

Tyler Johnson OL 11 starts 1 sack 402 opps UH Graduate

Matthew Golden WR 38 rec 404 yards 6 tds

Ja’Maree Caldwell DL 9 starts 6.5 sacks

Dalton Carnes WR 20 rec 261 Yds

ANYONE that actually thinks NTX, Rice and Sam are better than UH is dumber than a brick


I am ok with it, it sets the bar low making it easy to out perform expectations. Based on this, having a pulse will have us out performing their expectations. It will give them something to talk about if we upset Rice…

DCTF’s rankings don’t bother me a bit, even though I disagree with UH’s ranking. If you go by most people’s thought process: a lower ranked team should lose to a higher ranked team, the rankings are laughable. Most preseason polls have Aggie 9th in the SEC, yet they are 2nd in the DCTF’s poll? So much for the explanation that DCTF was ranking teams within their conference. UH has beat UTSA the last two seasons and UTSA is 8 spots ahead of UH, starting a new QB?

DCTF still has its place for Texas football reporting but the overall writing needs to improve and more reporting on what is changing the game: NIL and the transfer portal. I know DCTF has reported on NIL but I would like more in-depth reporting.

I don’t much about other teams honestly so I feel bashing those teams without knowing who’s coming back and what they picked up in recruiting/transfers is hard to do. But Texas State being third seems the biggest reach here. They were a .500 team in the Sun Belt last year.

Sam Houston being ranked ahead of us after we THRASHED them last season is really dumb.

And I can’t see putting Baylor and UTSA ahead of us either. We beat both of them.

I think that started about 30 years ago.

Thats an insult to the brick. Too sophisticated. I liken them to being dumber than an assortment of rocks. Lol

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I have taken DCTF for a long time, mainly because I live out of state. When Dave Campbell was alive, the magazine had an entirely different “feel” to it so to speak. DCTF ALWAYS bowed to the alter of the cows and the farmers for as long as I remember, and I don’t remember them ever giving UH much credit for anything. When Campbell was alive he saw to it that the writers were at least enthused with Texas football. Now DCTF has a bland feel, as if they are writing just to get the thing out and done with. It doesn’t surprise me UH doesn’t rank highly with them. They have crapped on UH for years.

Sam Khan Jr, tweeting about an article from DCTF about a possible Texas only conference. Not a subscriber to DCTF, but it would have to be those schools not associated with major conferences,

Can a subscriber clarify which school are being discussed?


They posted this on twitter, so I assume these are the schools.

Would be cool, but it would be even cooler if Sam was involved.

Thank you. No AAC, CUSA and Sun Belt teams.

Also no SWAC. This would presumably be an FCS conference, and the FBS teams aren’t dropping down for it. Still, Sam and SFA being in different leagues will never feel right.