Hawaian HS QB's

I would not be surprised if there have been several outstanding QB’s from Hawaii, I just cannot remember any. With that disclaimer I want to draw attention to this season and the two best college FB teams.

Alabama and all that talent around their QB, still was behind Georgia and Saban pulled the QB so that they would not be 0-2 in play-off Championship games with Hurt at QB. His replacement was a true FR QB from Hawaii, Tuo Togovailoa. (I did not watch the game but saw a post on TOS about the QB change.)

UCF is the only unbeaten team in FBS and did not need a SECOND GAME to beat Auburn (like Georgia and Alabama, since they lost to Auburn). That Auburn SEC, SEC, SEC D was not as good as the UCF D and there was Milton, that UCF QB from Hawaii. All he did against that vaunted SEC, SEC, SEC D was pass for 242 yard, 2 TD’s and o int. while rushing for 116 yards and 1 TD.(He rushed for more yards than Auburn’s total of 90) Not bad for a Soph who QB his team to a 13-0 season.

Has Hawaii had HS QB’s playing at this level before?

A couple come to mind: Marcus Mariota, Timmy Chang. Also, I’ve read that Tua’s younger brother, Taulia, might be even better.

Thanks for reminding me, they were great players.

Hey, since UH was in Hawaii, did they make a recruiting visit to the younger brother?

Can you see a college recruiter at P5 schools telling his HC, sir I’ll be gone for about a week on recruiting QB’s and Samoan DL/OL players in Hawaii. Tough assignment but someone has to do it.

Colt Brennan (sp?) put up some gaudy numbers there in mid-late 00’s…iirc they went to a BCS Bowl and got crushed

Colt Brennan went to high school in Cali.

That is what is always said about star QB’s little brothers.