HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 3: Making a case for Case Keenum


## HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 3: Making a case for Case Keenum

Case Keenum’s wife, Kimberly, was trying to help him memorize the complicated huddle calls by reading them aloud as she was cooking in Tuesday night’s episode of Hard Knocks. (Courtesy photo)


I don’t have HBO. I wish there was somewhere to get live streams or clips.

seems to be the folks in LA are slowly coming around to realizing the value of Case Keenum…if he wins a few games to start the season they will probably forget about Goff for awhile.

Will the team win though? The starting defense has looked atrocious.

Pay for HBO now. Totally worth the $14.99/mo. Especially considering you get Hard Knocks, Game of Thrones, Vice Principals, The Night Of.

The Rams are actually supposed to be a very good defensive unit. Do not put too much stock in the pre season.

The Rams should be a much improved unit this year with all the draft picks they picked up in this year’s Draft…oh wait.

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I hate how Case is treated like a dead man walking. It’s obvious they want Goff to start ASAP. I get it, you don’t pay all that money to not have your QB play, but still, gIve Case a season and some protection and watch him excel.

I look at it like a Drew Brees/Chris Chandler situation.

Brees toiled for the Chargers after being drafted, but was about to be run out of town when they drafted Phillip Rivers in the 1st round. Rivers wasn’t ready to start right away and Brees had a very good last season in San Diego as he took the Chargers to the playoffs. His success led to a nice contract in New Orleans where he became a star and eventually won a championship.

Chandler parlayed 2 years of decent-to-good play for the Oilers (and Jeff Fisher) while they got Steve McNair ready into a nice contract from Atlanta. Chandler then helped lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl 2 years later and started for 5 years in Atlanta.

As long as the Rams don’t completely collapse this year, Case will probably start the entire year. If he does, there’s a good chance he gets a starting gig somewhere else next year. Too many teams that need QBs.

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