HC Applewhite on Dave Campbells TX FB

This was last week. Dont think it was posted.
“Houston coach Major Applewhite joins this week’s show to talk about his controversial hiring of Kendal Briles, building a program at UH and the week he spent on Tom Herman’s couch during his year away from football”


CMA sounds much better in this interview than he did at any time last year. Confident and excited. That’s good!


“I’ve watched enough of them offensively that when I met with Kendal and Randy we did not pick up a single pen, we didn’t talk a single X&O,” Applewhite said. “We met for four or five hours and just talked philosophy and talked relationships, talked staff camaraderie. We talked a lot about how we want to piece together the staff, what the core values of this program are, what’s established from the president, then to the athletic director, then to our football program…. I’ve known Kendal for a long time. I’ve been on the road with Randy Clements and seen him recruit. You know a lot of these guys because you know a lot of the same people in this state recruiting. It’s interesting because you make a lot of phone calls and there’s a lot of people saying a lot of great things, and then you read a newspaper article saying something completely different. You talk to people and you get information that isn’t out there, so you have a different opinion than what is out there.”

“The general public typically does not read every article with a fine-tooth comb. It would sometimes take two pages to print out every single detail of every single thing, sometimes people are very creative in their style and it can mislead people, so see some details, hear some details that you thought you knew because you read the same article that every other person did but you realize, ‘Oh, alright.’ Because you’re looking at documents and talking to people that were involved.”

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Starts at 26 minute mark

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