HCA Healthcare donates $3.5M to UH College of Nursing



Excellent news!

I wonder if UH’s College of Nursing will ever start up a straight four-year BSN program?

My understanding is that UH currently only offers a BSN as a second Bachelor’s degree, or as part of a RN to BSN program for nurses that already have Associate degrees. I think that adding a straight four-year BSN program would help UH to attack a large number of talented undergrads!

In a city where the largest employer is the world’s largest medical center, there will always be a market for such degreed professionals!!!

Oh wait!!!

I just saw on UH’s College of Nursing home page that they are apparently adding a “traditional BSN” degree at the UH-Katy campus.

Based on what I just read, students will take their first two years at UH main campus, and then finish their junior and senior years at UH-Katy.


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UH added a full nursing degree program at UH main a couple of years ago. I remember reading about it in that UH magazine.

The UH main campus has a masters in nursing program. The main campus also has a RN to BSM prgram. I guess the undergrad straight BSM progam will be done Katy. UH Sugarland also has some nursing programs as well.

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That’s it.

UH Main Campus currently offers a RN to BSN degree, a BSN degree as a Second Bachelor’s degree, and three different MSN programs. UH main doesn’t offer a traditional four-year BSN.

HOWEVER, UH-Katy will now offer a traditional four year BSN in conjunction with UH Main. First two years at UH main, with last two years at UH-Katy.


This will also help our Army ROTC program. All Army ROTC programs have both a “regular” commissioning mission (a goal for number of regular “line” officers to be commissioned), and a “nursing” commissioning mission (a goal for commissioning new army nurses). In the past, UH’s Army ROTC program had difficult meeting its Nursing mission, simply because, without its own Nursing school, it had to rely upon cross enrolled students from Nursing programs at nearby schools (TWU-Houston, HBU, UST, etc) to meet its commissioning goals. NOW, however, with a traditional BSN program available via UH itself, they’ll be able to recruit and commission more nursing majors and meet that commissioning goal more easily.



The majority of the grant — about $2 million — will go toward increasing the number of adjunct or full-time faculty members at HCA-affiliated facilities. UH officials said $1 million will fund a healthcare simulation center at the Katy campus. It will provide hands on clinical training and research using interactive modules to support the needs of nursing and healthcare professionals. The remaining funds — about $500,000, will go for a HCA Houston Healthcare endowed chair in undergraduate studies. It will fund the Bachelor of Science in Nursing director and expand instruction and research in the field.