"Head of Russian oil giant dies after falling from hospital window"

Oil Executive " Falls out a 6th floor window at hospital"

Probably had some assistance, with the help of Putin

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It’s really hard to “fall” out of a hospital window. But it can be done if there’s enough help.


Classic Russia. He suicides himself by accidently falling out the window in front of a few honorable FSB agents who unfortunately arrived too late to stop the tragedy.


In 1910, UT hires new football coach from Michigan. The Aggies (Farmers), UT’s beach at that time having outscored them something like 300-20 in all games played, suddenly stand up to the Whorns and is playing them even.

New UT coach dies walking off a second floor balcony while walking in his sleep. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

True story.

Looks like he got Clinton-ed…kind of like what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

So funny…

Why wont you answer the Q anon and fascist question?

He’s been watching Guttfield, only the A material for the retirement home.


Is your brain caught in a loop?

Plus, it was laid out to you what conspiracies were more plausible than others.

Sorry to interrupt your, “Hilary did it too.”, savant rocking back and forth muttering.

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