Heard a rumor that Ed was going to play in the bowl game

Is that true or just fake UH news?

Who cares.


He said he wanted to. I think it is to early to make that decision. I think if he is healthy he will play, if there is doubt then he won’t.

Real Coogfans.


Boo hoo

I saw a report on TV that he said he is going to.

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He’s said he wants to play; CMA said he wants him to play…we’ll see if it happens.

If he’s not 100%, I’d rather him get healthy and prep for the draft. He’ll do more good for the Coogs at the next level than he will playing in the bowl game.


Don’t cry, it’s only a game.

He needs to play to stay in front of the NFL scouts to see what they missed over 4+ games.

About par for the Coogfans course lately.

I heard it depends on where the bowl is. If it’s a location where you need a jacket, he’s in.


No he doesn’t. Scouts have 2.5 years of game film + the combine and pro days.

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Who cares!


I do. I’d like to see him play again. He’s fun to watch.

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People who want to see U of H win their bowl game. If he plays their chances increase significantly.


Yes, understand that part and agree w that part fully. It’s just the whole is he going to or not going to play is tired and old. When conf gms were going on it was worth discussion but now w a ho hum Bowl game in front of them just doesn’t matter anymore whether he plays or not imo.

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I completely understand that it was aggravating but with all the injuries to the d-line Coogs need all hands on deck.

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