Heisman campaign starts tonight

“Ed Oliver’s Heisman campaign starts tonight”

-Rod Gilmore (or maybe the other guy)

That was before the touchdown.


This team needs a short yardage back bad.
Big Ed could have scored 10 times in that role this season but how many runs till he gets hurt?


He’ll last long carrying the ball on short yardage than be will getting chop blocked the whole game.


I hope you right.

Big Ed plays his usual on defense and adds a few carries per game on goal line.
Ed is going to NYC for the finals.

Marcellus Wiley played some fullback at Colimbia in addition to being a stud DE.

EO is a great player. We need a great defense for him to win the Heisman.

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We’ll also need a much much improved offense because regardless of the talent they can’t be on the field all night.

I’d like to see him in the backfield again regardless of down, distance or field position. And I’m 100% serious about that.